Making The Law Easier For You

Making The Law Easier For You

Workers’ Compensation FAQs

Does My Employer Have To Provide Medical Treatment For My Injury?

Yes, as long as it is a compensable injury. That can be an issue if the Employer denies the injury, but just because the Employer denies the claim does not mean you are not entitled to your treatment, compensation and other rights you have under the Workers Compensation laws.

How Long Does My Employer Have To Provide Medical Treatment?

For as long as the doctor recommends treatment. In some cases, you may be entitled to a second opinion if your doctor ends treatment before you think it should end.

Am I Entitled To Receive Benefits While I Am Unable To Work?

If your treating doctor has you off work or the Employer does not have a job that meets with doctor’s restrictions you have been placed on, then you are entitled to a weekly benefit.

What If I Work For An Employer In Missouri, But Was Injured While Traveling Out Of State For The Job?

Claims can be filed in the state of Missouri for several different reasons, depending on where you were hired, where your employer is located and where the majority of your work is done. Claims are also assigned to a specific Division of Worker’s Compensation locations. One of the offices is in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, so we are within minutes of the local office.

Does It Matter Which Part Of Me Was Injured?

Yes. The state of Missouri has assigned a specific number of weeks to each body part. Your final settlement will be based upon that body part and what effect the injury has on it or other parts of the body.

What If I Was Injured Over A Long Period Of Time, Like Developing Carpel Tunnel Syndrome?

Missouri Workers Compensation covers occupational diseases such as conditions that develop over time.

How Long Does A Workers' Compensation Case Take?

It depends on the severity of you injury. You first have to complete treatment. Then you should make sure you are as good as you are going to get. Once you settle your claim, you will not be able to request further treatment except in only very limited circumstances.

Where Will My Case Be Heard At?

Normally a claim is heard in the County in which it occurred or an adjacent county. The Cape Girardeau Division Office covers all claims within Cape Girardeau county and adjacent counties, such as Bollinger and Perry Counties. Claims can also be held in New Madrid, Bloomfield, Sikeston, Poplar Bluff, Ste. Genevieve and Ironton which are all located in southeast Missouri.

What Are Your Attorney Fees?

We do not charge hourly or require a retainer. We work on a contingent basis of 25% plus reimbursement of our out of pocket expenses. We only get pad if we collect money for you.

Do I Have To Pay Anything Up Front?

No, we will take your case without any money paid up front.

I Spoke With The Employers' Attorney And They Seemed Like A Nice Person. Do I Really Need An Attorney Of My Own?

You have rights as a worker the attorney for the Employer is not going to tell you about. The most cited reason for a person to hire an attorney in a work comp claim is because they are not being treated fairly. We know the work comp laws and will give you advice for your own situation, and steer you in the right direction.