Making The Law Easier For You

Making The Law Easier For You

What Our Clients Say

Representation: Criminal Defense

Thad Brady was my lawyer in my criminal case. He was able to get me a bond reduction and get me out of jail, then got my felony charge dropped down to a misdemeanor. I am very satisfied with Thad’s services and would use him again.

Ashley F

Representation: Criminal Defense

Mr. Brady represented me in a felony assault case. He was able to get the felony against me dismissed, and negotiated a satisfactory resolution of my case. I am very happy with the results and appreciated his zealous advocacy on my behalf. He was very professional and handled my case with utmost competence.

David P

Representation: Workers’ Compensation

To whom it may concern:

I am a truck driver working in the state of Missouri. I had a workers’ compensation claim for an injury to my hand. The insurance company offered me $2,200 as a settlement. However, I hired Chris Weiss of the Lichtenegger Law Firm and he was able to increase what I took home times six.

I highly recommend Chris Weiss as a workers’ compensation attorney.

Mike H., Jackson, MO

Representation: Probate


I just wanted to thank you again for all your help in the last couple of years. I used three attorneys previous to you. I didn’t like the way any of them operated. You’re the first one I really like. You’ve been extremely competent, clear, thorough, precise, focused, supportive, accessible, professional (it’s a long list). I really appreciate it. I just wanted to let you know that.

Bob P., Cape Girardeau, MO

Representation: Personal Injury

To whom it may concern:

I am a woman who was involved in a two-car accident. I was severely injured, but did not require surgery. The insurance company did not believe how bad I was injured. I hired Chris Weiss as my attorney.

Chris Weiss is someone you can trust. He called me back any time I called and answered all of my questions. He worked hard on my case and eventually settled the case for much more than I expected and was very close to getting the insurance policy limits. For these reasons, I highly recommend Chris Weiss as an attorney on a personal injury claim.

Sharon M., Cape Girardeau County, MO

Representation: Workers’ Compensation

To whom it may concern:

I have worked construction for over 30 years. I was injured on the job and hired an attorney from St. Louis to represent me. I had this situation for approximately four years where nothing was being done by my attorney. Phone calls were not returned and I would not be able to talk to him except for every other month. Court dates were canceled even though those court dates were to get medical treatment for myself.

I finally made the most difficult decision to seek another attorney and I was referred to the Law Firm of Lichtenegger, Weiss & Fetterhoff in Jackson, Missouri. After I met with them, they undertook my case and immediately things changed for the better. Medical treatment was provided, court dates were made and kept and I was even paid several hundred dollars in mileage that I did not even know I was entitled to.

With my original attorney, I did not think I would ever get the claim done. With the Law Firm of Lichtenegger, Weiss & Fetterhoff, the claim was settled within one year and we proceeded on trial with the remainder of the claim and I was awarded permanent-total disability for life at the maximum rate possible.

I recommend the Law Firm of Lichtenegger, Weiss & Fetterhoff to anybody who has a workers’ compensation claim. I would especially like to thank Chris Weiss for his hard work and honesty in representing me.

Charles R., Ste. Genevieve, MO

Representation: Family Law

To whom it may concern,

I called John Loesel desperately looking for guidance and help with family services and my child support. I called several firms and fell short every time with no return calls or any assistance. … Feeling cornered, I finally had the luck and pleasure of contacting John and was floored with his help and patience with my trouble in explaining my situation. John took everything and dissected each issue and explained in detail. I also experienced something that I never experienced before. … John called and emailed every time he said he would and when I called with concerns. The cost was explained upfront and very reasonable. The whole process was painless and thorough. Every time John explained what he was going to do, he did very promptly. I would recommend and DEFINITELY use John in the future!!!!!!

It was a true pleasure having John as my lawyer.

Joseph W. Sr., Anchorage, Alaska

Representation: Workers’ Compensation

To whom it may concern:

I am a retired veteran and truck driver who was injured in a trucking accident. My workers’ compensation claim was originally denied by the work comp insurance carrier. However, I contacted Chris Weiss of the Lichtenegger, Weiss & Fetterhoff Law Firm and he pursued and obtained a very fair settlement from the insurance carrier for my neck injury.

Also, my attorney was able to pursue and obtain a settlement from the Second Injury Fund involving my previous disabilities. Many other claims from the Second Injury Fund are not being paid, but my attorney was able to get mine paid in full.

I highly recommend Chris Weiss as an attorney who is experienced in workers’ compensation claims, is highly diligent and works hard on behalf of the employee.

William O., Farmington, MO

I would like share on the thoroughness that the Perryville office and our lawyer Thad Brady exhibited. The office staff was excellent and friendly. The matters pertaining to our case were done timely and efficiently gathered. It was a good experience considering that no one likes to have to go through court type situation.
Our family thanks Diane Geile and Thad Brady for their work.


To whom it may concern:

We had an excellent experience working with Chris and the Lichtenegger, Weiss & Fetterhoff law firm. Chris was very knowledgeable about the legal aspects of workers’ compensation and knew the specifics of our case every time we talked with him. He kept us up to date on everything going on and made sure a copy of every piece of correspondence was made available to us. He was easy to contact and always returned messages within a timely manner. Chris was very personable and really cared about the outcome of the case. We felt comfortable working with him and knew he was truly doing his best to work for us. We would not hesitate to contact Chris and this law firm again!

Sincerely, AD and BD

To whom it may concern:

My workers’ comp lawyer is Chris Weiss. Whoever needs a good workers’ comp lawyer should use him. He originally got me a huge settlement on my injury and then went after the Second injury Fund for payments for the rest of my life. It took several years to win, but he never gave up. He always answers or returns my phone calls and has always treated me with dignity and respect.


To whom it may concern:

I want to make a recommendation for Chris Weiss as a workers’ compensation lawyer. I hired him a couple years ago for a foot injury. He reviewed and worked on my case and obtained a settlement from the insurance company that didn’t want to pay anything and then he got a settlement from the Second Injury Fund for the maximum lump sum amount that is allowed in the state of Missouri.

Chris Weiss returns phone calls, is honest and worked hard on my case. I highly recommend him.


From Google Reviews

We have used Lichtenegger Law Firm for all our legal needs and have always been extremely pleased with the firm’s professional services. The attorneys are very knowledgeable and go above and beyond what would be required to be sure we are well-represented. It gave us a great sense of peace knowing we were in such good hands!


Responsive and extremely capable. Provided service for me personally on several occasions. Also affected the recovery monies owed to a nonprofit organization I serve on that otherwise would remain uncollected.

Kris O.