Making The Law Easier For You

Making The Law Easier For You

Claiming Social Security Benefits Shouldn’t Be So Difficult

At The Lichtenegger Law Firm, we understand that nobody wants to be forced through the Social Security system. But when we Americans need benefits due to disability, we are entitled to those benefits under the law. That is why we dedicate a portion of our practice to making Social Security easy – walking you through the Social Security application system from start to finish, and holding the government accountable to you.

If you are denied Social Security Disability, we take our services even further, appealing the denial and representing you before Social Security officials. Getting the benefits you and your loved ones need to live your life should be much easier than it is, and we are here to make it that way.

For answers to some of your biggest social security questions, visit our social security FAQs page.

Experienced And Compassionate Guidance

Our firm has helped countless individuals and families secure disability benefits in Jackson and across the state of Missouri. Without guidance from a lawyer who is familiar with the process, you could spend a significant amount of time not only navigating the system, but working to ensure your application is complete and accurate.

The Lichtenegger Law Firm works closely with each and every client to give them the best odds of obtaining SSD benefits. We help you collect the necessary medical records to secure the maximum benefits you are entitled to receive.

We know this is a difficult time for you – legally, emotionally and especially financially. That is why our Social Security representation is offered on a contingency fee basis: you don’t pay a dime in attorney’s fees unless we are successful in securing you benefits. Call our firm today at 573-243-8463 to schedule your free 30 minute case consultation, or reach out online to get started.