Making The Law Easier For You

Making The Law Easier For You

Child Custody And Visitation

As a parent, your children are your top priority. Nothing is more important than making sure you are there to provide a loving home for the kids to grow up in. But when you and your co-parent are divorced or otherwise no longer together, things can get complicated.

At the Lichtenegger Law Firm, we practice family law for residents of southeastern Missouri. We have helped hundreds of parents protect their children with personalized and thoughtful child custody solutions.

Child Custody And Visitation In Missouri

Missouri law requires that the first consideration when developing a child custody plan be the best interests of the child. Our lawyers firmly agree with this sentiment. We will make sure that your custody plan factors in your children’s needs, such as:

  • Their education
  • Their medical needs
  • Their relationships with you and your co-parent
  • Whether they have lived with one or both parents until now

Most parents have legal rights, including the right to help raise the kids and make important decisions about their schooling, religious upbringing and so on. When you retain the Lichtenegger Law Firm, you will get a lawyer who will fight to ensure that your rights are respected. While most custody matters settle out of court, we will go to trial if necessary to assert your rights as a parent.

We Will Protect Your Children’s Future

With our help, you can be confident of your children’s well-being going forward. To schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys, please call 573-243-8463 or visit our Contact page. We have offices in Jackson, Marble Hill and Perryville for your convenience.