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The Lichtenegger Law Firm launched in 1972 when John Lichtenegger started a private practice with a single mission: create a dedicated law practice that would be the last firm his clients would ever hire.  Since 1972, the Lichtenegger Law Firm has grown and evolved to become a legal outpost where clients continue to seek to assert and protect their legal rights.

Each client is treated the same manner in which the attorney would wish to be treated if he were a client.  Telephone calls are returned, questions answered and advice given.  Depending on the type of case, the attorney’s involvement may be brief or it may be a long battle.  Either way the Lichtenegger Law Firm is there to help you.

With 6 attorneys concentrating on different areas of the law, the Lichtenegger Law Firm can pursue and protect your legal rights in almost any situation.  If you are in need of help with a legal issue, our experienced and dedicated staff look forward to serving and assisting you.  Please CONTACT US.