Making The Law Easier For You

Making The Law Easier For You

Adept With All Aspects Of Real Estate

Real estate is an extensive and complex area of law that often involves a wide variety of parties. The Lichtenegger Law Firm has represented Missouri in real estate matters since 1972, and has amassed decades of experience in both the transactional side of real estate and in litigation.

We have drafted leases, commercial and residential, evicted tenants and enforced a tenant’s rights under a lease. Our real estate law attorneys have worked with individuals, families, business owners, developers, investors and more. Working on all sides allows us to gain the understanding of each client. Each client has their own perspective and should be entitled to the protection of their rights.

Our firm in Jackson offers a full range of services, including legal representation and consultations. If you are having trouble with a land dispute or simply wish to get advice on moving forward with a profitable opportunity, let us advise you on the best way to get the most out of your situation.

A Staunch Advocate In Condemnation Cases

Unlike typical matters involving residential or commercial real estate transactions, condemnations pit you against the state or an organization that works closely with the state. The government has a right to take your property through what is known as eminent domain, but only if the property is used for public interests and you get compensated fairly for the taking.

Our lawyers have successfully tried numerous such cases over the years, and have become a trusted source for condemnations in Missouri. From city condemnations to build a roadway or condemnations from a utility company to expand their infrastructure, we ensure the taking was not only lawful – but that you are justly compensated for your loss.

Effective And Efficient Real Estate Litigation

While our firm does extensive work in drafting and negotiating real estate agreements, we also represent our clients’ interests in any real estate disputes. We have litigated cases involving landlord-tenant disputes, quiet title suits, adverse possession, boundary disputes, easement disputes, roadway disputes, unlawful eviction and more.

We always stand by our clients until the very end. Call our office today at 573-243-8463 to discuss your case during a free 30 minute consultation, or reach out online for more information.