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Making The Law Easier For You

What factors affect spousal support in Missouri?

by | May 3, 2021 | Family Law

People sometimes tend to think that alimony or spousal support is no longer a common issue in divorce. However, even when both spouses have income, it is possible that a Missouri court may approve a petition for support. 

Courts analyze couples’ circumstances on their individual merits, but they attempt to apply the same general guidelines. Here are some examples of information that a court may consider when making determinations about spousal support during Missouri divorce proceedings. 


Before ruling on support, a court will evaluate how much property each spouse owns and how it bears on their ability to provide for themselves. Because of the importance of assets in evaluation, a court will typically elect to make decisions about the division of marital property before it rules on a petition for support. 

Earning capacity

In addition to considering an individual’s actual income, courts also try to gauge someone’s potential income in the future. An analysis may include what education or training is necessary to become more employable and approximately how much time it will require. 

Length of a marriage

Couples who remain married for many years may be more likely to have financial dependency on one another. Someone who is dissolving a long marriage is more likely to be successful in seeking support than a person dissolving a relatively short marriage. 

A person seeking spousal support does not need to wait until a divorce is final. Courts may enter a temporary order before approving a petition for a longer-lasting or permanent order based on the evidence that parties present during a hearing.