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Making The Law Easier For You

Can a minor child seek emancipation in Missouri?

by | May 3, 2019 | Family Law

For many parents, the subject of minor emancipation is upsetting. Parents typically want their children to remain their children for as long as possible. When a teen brings up the topic of emancipation, many parents feel that their child is slipping away faster than they expected.

Family law attorneys can help children and parents explore emancipation in-depth. Sometimes, teens change their mind after attorney consultations and other times their resolve grows stronger. In all scenarios, lawyer guidance can ensure that a child’s emancipation efforts proceed smoothly for parents and the child alike.

Missouri is one of the states in which a child can seek emancipation as long as he or she meets one or more of the associated requirements. These requirements include the following:

  • The child receives express consent for emancipation from his or her parents
  • The child enlists in the military or gets married
  • Parents imply their consent for emancipation by allowing minors to live apart from them and to support themselves
  • Typically, minors must be aged 16 or older before they can seek emancipation

As experienced family law attorneys will attest, emancipation is a huge step. Minors should be aware that once they achieve emancipation, their parents are no longer obligated to support them financially. Further, an emancipated minor becomes solely responsible for any legal trouble they may get into.

If you are a minor interested in emancipation or a parent with a child who desires emancipation, please consider consulting with a family law attorney. Doing so provides a safe environment in which kids and parents can discuss their issues together and find the best solution for all parties.