Making The Law Easier For You

Making The Law Easier For You

What are some criminal defense options for alleged drug crimes?

by | Mar 22, 2019 | Criminal Defense

Many residents of Missouri think that drug charges do not require a serious approach to criminal defense. Perhaps the tolerance many states now exhibit regarding marijuana causes defendants to disregard a drug possession arrest. Whatever the reason, you need to understand that the penalties for a drug possession conviction are always serious enough to warrant your immediate attention.

You already know that a criminal defense attorney can help if the authorities arrest you for drug possession. However, you might not understand precisely how he or she can help. Working with you to create an effective strategy for defense is the primary goal of these legal professionals. Some options to consider include the following.

  • Medicinal use: In 2018, it became legal to possess specific amounts of marijuana for medicinal purposes if a doctor has recommended its use. FindLaw indicates that the allowable limit is up to four ounces per month at this time.
  • Unlawful search and seizure: It may be possible to establish this as a sound criminal defense strategy if the police broke the law to search your property.
  • Entrapment: Law enforcement personnel are extremely careful to avoid allegations of entrapment. However, it might be worth looking into depending upon the details of your arrest.
  • Not your drugs: In some cases, it may be possible for you and your attorney to prove that the drugs in question belonged to another party.

It can feel as if your life is over when facing drug charges. However, you can defend yourself against these and other charges when you seek guidance from an experienced criminal defense lawyer.